Learning Resources

Campus Links:

Pearson Math and Social Studies
Ticket to Read


ART http://www.artshowforkids.com

Famous Texans

Famous Texans http://www.famoustexans.com/lbj.htm

Fun Games

Fun Games http://www.primarygames.com/social_studies.htm

How Stuff Works

How Stuff Works http://express.howstuffworks.com


NASA Kids http://kids.msfc.nasa.gov

National Geographic for Kids

National Geographic for Kids http://www.nationalgeographics.com/kids/

Online Dictionary

Online Dictionary http://www.wordcentral.com

PBS Kids

PBS Kids http://pbskids.org

Science Bob

Science Bob http://sciencebob.com

Science Fair

Discovery Education Science Fair-It's never to early to start
Science Fair http://school.discoveryeducation.com/sciencefaircentral/

Student Dress Code

Student Dress Code http://westernhills.episd.org/fm146/campusSites/westernhills/dress%20code%20students.pdf

Student/Parent Handbook

Student/Parent Handbook http://westernhills.episd.org/fm146/campusSites/westernhills/STUDENT-PARENT%20HANDBOOK.pdf

The Yuckiest Site in the World

The Yuckiest Site in the World http://yucky.kids.discovery.com

Time For Kids Homework Helper

Time For Kids Homework Helper http://www.studyisland.com

White House for Kids

White House for Kids http://www.whitehouse.gov/kids/whlife/index.html

World Almanac for Kids

World Almanac for Kids http://worldalmanacforkids.com/index/html

EPISD Resources:

EPISD Parent Portal

The portal provides parents with online access to information on their EPISD-enrolled students in near real time.
EPISD Parent Portal https://teams.episd.org/selfserve/parent/

Stop Bullying!

Information and tips on bullying and how to prevent it.
Stop Bullying! http://episd.org/bullying/

Links for EPISD Employees:

Employee Benefits

This website provides EPISD employees with a comprehensive look at the available benefits options.
Employee Benefits http://episdbenefits.org

EPISD Employee Portal

EPISD Employee Portal https://my.episd.org