Sandhu, Robert

Mr. Sandhu    Welcome to the fifth Grade Class.

My name is Robert Sandhu.I have been teaching for 20 years with the El Paso Independent School District. I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and got my Masters in Education from UTEP.I am excited because I have the opportunity to work with all these wonderful 5th grade students. I think 5th grade is the best grade to teach and I look forward every year to work with the students and parents . 
    Our 5th grade Gifted Students will be reading some fun and challenging historical fiction novels this year. We will analyze each novel and discuss it in class. Furthermore, students will have discussion questions and a novel exam weekly on the material . Students will also be working on their Journey and American History projects among other things.

    Science is a fun class because students get to have labs weekly. We will follow the 5th grade curriculum and have a new topic every week to study. Students are given a set of  vocabulary words every Monday that need to be kept in their Science notebooks. They will define words and take notes in their Science notebooks .In addition, students will have a common assessment every Friday.

My conference period is from 8:15-9:00. If you have any questions or concerns please call the school office at 774-4060 to set up a appointment or e-mail me