Guidance and Counseling


Mrs. Olga Isela Rojas is the counselor at Western Hills.  She is available to assist students as needed.  She also holds guidance lessons for students.  Friendship Groups are held for new students to our campus at the beginning of the year.


Below is some information about the Gifted and Talented Program.  Should you feel your child may qualify for this program testing is done only in the beginning of the academic school year.  Pleas contact the counselor at Western Hills for more information.

Students are screened using five criteria, which consist of both subjective and objective measures through a case study approach.  The GT screening criteria are as follows:


  1. Behavioral Characteristic Log
  2. Parent Checklist
  3. Classroom Assessment Activities
  4. Cumulative Grade Point Average based on grade level
  5. General Intellectual Ability Standardized Test

The curriculum for the K-3 GT program integrates language arts, social studies, science, mathematics, creativity, leadership and fine arts instruction.  The thematic units of study are aimed at developing higher level thinking skills through differentiated content and instruction.


For Grades 4-5 the GT program is built around the examination of universal themes and integrates the study of social studies, literature, writing, and the fine arts.  Math and science activities are correlated to the novel studies.  Students develop sophisticated products and presentations.  The curriculum is aligned to the state standards.